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Get Immediate Results by Injecting Gypsum Directly into Irrigation Water.

Historically, gypsum used in agriculture was field spread, typically using low-grade forms found in abundance in many parts of the Country. However, this procedure limits the application, and thus, the myriad benefits gypsum provides.

Realizing the potential, several attempts had been made over the years to introduce a gypsum solution directly into irrigation water. But the low purity and coarse grind of commonly available gypsum limited success and continued to plague the process, especially in micro-sprinkler and drip irrigation.

Then, in the early 1990’s, a small group of gypsum manufacturers in the West began providing a consistently higher purity gypsum, ground to a much finer and more uniform powder, which made gypsum injection feasible and reliable. As more and more growers began injecting gypsum, reports of dramatically improved crop yields and water efficiency began a heightened interest in what is now “Solution Grade Gypsum”. This, together with water conservation and dust concerns, has caused a major shift in the Western U.S. agriculture market away from surface applied gypsum, moving instead to the much more efficient and effective direct injection method of applying gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate).

100% Natural Gypsum from Western Minerals added to your irrigation water …

Increases water penetration allowing better infiltration of nutrients and fertilizers to the root area while reducing sodium and neutralizing alkalinity through improved leaching. 

Breaks down hard soils and surface crusting  which opens up the soil and helps prevent surface pooling and excessive run off.  Improves aeration and provides both calcium and sulfate – two key ingredients that enhance nitrogen uptake and stimulate growth.

Improves crop yield.  Fruit, vegetables, grapes, citrus trees, nuts – whatever you grow – soil treated regularly with gypsum will help produce a larger and healthier crop year after year.

Reduces growing costs. Gypsum itself is the most economical soil amendment and may be conveniently applied directly into irrigation water via common injector systems using Western Minerals' Ag-Pro™ solution grade gypsum. Crops in gypsum treated soil also require less fertilizer, use less water, and often require less cultivation than soils without regular gypsum application.

Irrigation Systems. Ag-Pro™ Solution Grade gypsum may be used in any type of irrigation system; including Flood, Micro-Sprayer, and even Drip irrigation!

Irrigation Equipment Compatibility. Ag-Pro™ Solution Grade gypsum is compatible with ANY brand of equipment designed for injecting gypsum into irrigation water.

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