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Western Minerals supplies a variety of Agricultural Gypsum to fit every need...

Solution Grade:The most efficient means of treating soil, turf or crops with Calcium is to inject Solution Grade gypsum directly into irrigation water. High-Purity gypsum is milled ultra-fine to dissolve fast. May be used with any brand injection equipment, and in any type of irrigation system, including Drip! (Sold in 50# & 2000# Bags or Silo Bulk.)
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Fine-Grind Spreadable Grade: Ag-Pro™ is a fine-ground gypsum powder for surface-applied applications where the Grower needs calcium benefication faster than standard crushed spreadable material. (Sold in 50# & 2000# Bags.)

Standard Bulk Spreadable Grade:Broadcast is a coarse gypsum, crushed to approximately 3/8” minus for surface-applied applications where lower cost is more important than rapid calcium benefication for the soil. (Sold only in Bulk.)